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Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Your home is a major investment, one that will grow in value provided its condition is maintained. One general guideline is that the average of your home's maintenance costs equals about one percent of your home's purchase price for every year you are living in it. This means that if you purchase a home for $400,000 and live in it ten years, you should expect to spend about $300 per month in that ten years on maintenance. This figure includes painting, roofing, and other repairs.

One way to minimize overall maintenance costs is to have an annual home inspection to find small problems before they become larger, more expensive problems.

The Village Carpenter will inspect your home for common sources of trouble, including the roof, windows & doors, siding, foundation, utilities, attic and crawlspace. You will receive a report that includes what was inspected, photos of any problems found, and a bid to repair those problems. There is no requirement to use our services to repair problems found, but the cost of the inspection will be credited to the cost of repairs should you choose to use us.

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